These photos were taken in the 1970's on 35mm Kodak Tri-X black & white film,
developed and printed in the home darkroom, then digitized in 1998 on a flatbed scanner.

baby bird photo
Baby bird, Fresh Air Camp, Warrendale
black & white ferns photo
whitetail deer doe, North Park, Allegheny County, winter photo
Whitetail doe, North Park, Allegheny County
grasshopper on teasel photo
Grasshopper on teasel, Mars
dragonfly with water lily photo
Dragonfly with water lily in background, Mars
milkweed seeds photo
Milkweed seeds
Brady's Bend, Allegheny River photo
Brady's Bend, Allegheny River
Frost on leaf photo
Frost on leaf
Photos copyright by Phil Norton 1998
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